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Movie review: 'Monsters, Inc' back for a 3-D refresher

“Monsters, Inc” proves to be a story that holds up over time. It doesn't need the 3-D treatment, but the recipe still works.
Oklahoman Published: December 19, 2012

Until that fateful day that a teeny tot nicknamed “Boo” isn't scared, and follows them back through the door. Kids, out of their element, scare the dickens out of monsters. Call out the hazmat team and bar the door — all the closet doors, stored in a vast kids' closet-door repository — until Boo is rounded up and order is restored to the universe.

That ingenious setup is detailed to a staggering degree, from the decor each child has on his or her closet door, to the vast variations of monsters on the job on the Monsters, Inc., “scare floor” — blobs and yeti and giant spiders and all manner of lizards, snakes and goblins.

The jokes benefit from perfect timing and the best running sight gag ever — big, hairy monsters, all scared to death by a burbling, giggling, “KITTY” shrieking tyke (voiced by Mary Gibbs).

This didn't need 3-D to work. And the big question, on seeing it anew, is “How WILL they top this by taking us back to see these guys in college?”

But anytime Disney and/ or Pixar goes astray in an animated way, they have only to look back at this, one of their best, to remember that magical recipe that works as well now as it did then.

— Roger Moore, MCT Information Service