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Movie review: 'Snow Queen'

Based on a beloved Hans Christian Andersen story but retrofitted with intestinal gas jokes and computer-animated at a distressingly rudimentary level, “Snow Queen” suffers from either the filmmakers' insufficient funds or abilities.
Oklahoman Published: October 11, 2013

As for the animation, it utterly lacks the sense of kinetics and gravity that has characterized most capable CG filmmaking for the past 15 years — characters float and drift, and they are surrounded by a dimensionless world that feels claustrophobic even when the scenes are ostensibly taking place in the open wilderness. Also, the rendering of ice and water is utterly flat, which can be a problem for a movie titled “Snow Queen.”

What “Snow Queen” shares with down-market animation in the West is full-volume, subtlety-free voice work that mashes every gag into the viewers' faces. Apparently, the filmmakers felt that the lyrical fairy tales of Andersen need some screaming and loud potty humor to get over with young viewers today. Meanwhile, how about that Blu-ray reissue of “The Little Mermaid”?

George Lang