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Movie review: 'The Counselor'

There are many signs that “The Counselor” is a ridiculous movie, and it gets worse.
Oklahoman Published: October 25, 2013

The Counselor sets out to participate in a drug deal with his flashy pal Renier (Bardem), though the details of his involvement are murky. He picks the brain of another acquaintance, Westray (Brad Pitt), a high roller in the biz who wears a cowboy hat and thankfully injects a bit of playfulness into the movie. He also warns the Counselor about the dangers presented by working with a Mexican cartel.

Just about everything goes wrong in Scott's film, although Fassbender is solid and Bardem and Pitt are amusing. But the script does them no favors and is even harder on the women. Diaz gets the worst assignment as Malkina (who tells Renier, when he suggests her responses are cold: “I think the truth has no temperature”). She shocks Renier by having sex with his car while he sits stunned in the passenger seat. Renier's description of the event, shown in flashback, is funny, but the sight of Diaz writhing on the windshield doesn't help you share his horror. It just makes you feel sorry for Diaz and everybody else in this silly, affected, self-important movie.

— Connie Ogle, MCT Information Services