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Movie review: 'Top Gun: An IMAX 3-D Experience'

Making the mediocre ‘Top Gun' bigger and louder doesn't make it better.
Oklahoman Published: February 8, 2013

“Top Gun's” best feature was always its thrilling flight sequences.

Its twisting, G-force-intense aerial choreography (in dogfights with an imaginary Russian enemy) is stunning and so effective that the Air Force actually co-opted some of that style and macho pizazz to jazz up its own recruiting commercials.

On the IMAX screen with digital 3-D perspective, they're all the more exhilarating, visceral and queasy-making.

If Tony Scott sometimes seemed to labor in the shadow of his more polished and artistically astute older brother Ridley Scott, he nonetheless played a key role in redefining slick, noisy, high-concept action movies and changing the genre for good or ill forevermore.

“Top Gun: An IMAX 3-D Experience” is indeed an experience, but one that serves as a caution — making a mediocre movie bigger and louder doesn't make it better.

— Dennis King