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We're Thunderstruck
The alleged nickname is all too convenient

By Mr. Monday Published: July 21, 2008
Mr. Monday has issues.

Issue No. 1: The Thunder.

Mr. Monday will wait until someone besides a computer programmer in a trenchcoat hiding in a parking garage confirms the team name before he actually believes it.

Here's what makes Mr. Monday the most suspicious.

Thunder is the name that won the jersey contest here at headquarters.

That never happens. We can't pick the name of OU's next coach. We can't pick the name of OSU's next coach. We can't even pick who is going to win next year's Best Supporting Actor Oscar (we're lying, Heath Ledger as the Joker in a runaway).

But let's get this straight, the NBA and Clay Bennett's superstars got into a room with some high-priced marketing gurus and lawyers and came up with Thunder, which was also thought up by some lady from Harrah?

And then, if certain geniuses in the television media are to be believed, the colors are blue and silver.

Which is also the design of the Thunder uniform in our contest!

Come on, it's all a little too right.

Mr. Monday expects something in the future — either a consulting check from Clay or a correction on the tube.

Stay tuned.

Issue No. 2: Starbucks

So Howard Schultz was able to take enough time away from filing briefs to Judge Judy to close down 600 Starbucks stores, sports fans.

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