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Much to fear

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: August 30, 2013

I don't fear big government. I fear government so polarized that it doesn't “promote the general welfare” of the nation. I don't fear government regulations. I fear business and government leaders lacking ethics and fairness and motivated by personal greed. I don't fear being told I must buy health insurance. I fear not having health insurance. I don't fear government knowing telephone numbers I call or emails I send. I fear “terrorists” who call and write each other to plot against us.

I don't fear government creating jobs. I fear the detrimental effects of long-term unemployment on individuals and families. I don't fear the truth. I fear a media that denies us facts on important issues. I don't fear an informed public. I fear a public that believes unsubstantiated stories, half-truths and lies. I don't fear voter ID laws. I fear politicians who design such laws to deny some people a vote. I don't fear unions. I fear a future where the worker has no voice and is denied a living wage.

I don't fear reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. I fear people with known anti-social and criminal behavior easily obtaining guns. I don't fear different ideas. I fear ideologies that inhibit compromise. I don't fear government debt. I fear debt that crushes the middle class while the rich amass unprecedented wealth.

I don't fear democracy. I fear government indentured to an oligarchy of the rich and powerful.

A.A. Austin, Del City