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The rapid pace of information is so fierce that often we fail to stop and take a deeper look at the stories that shape our world. NewsOK | nDepth pauses for a moment in the non-stop flow of news and information to offer a deeper look at the people, places and events that are sometimes strange, sometimes endearing and always extra-ordinary.

nDepth: OPUBCO

While other media companies are at a standstill, OPUBCO Communications Group is embracing change and rewriting the rules with strategic plans to meet the needs of today’s consumers and advertisers.

The Minister of Millwood

Varryl Franklin was born into a family of faith. But he never took to preaching. He tends more toward ministering. Franklin has won 11 state titles as the boys basketball coach at Millwood, but his biggest success has come off the court.

Brent Parker - Feeling Complete

Twenty years have passed since Brent Parker dropped a Bedlam-winning touchdown in the back of the Lewis Field end zone. This is his story.

Stories of the ages: Graffiti Bridge

Built in the 1930s, the Graffiti Bridge was, for generations of city residents, a place where they could leave their mark.

Stories of the Ages: The Red River War

In 1931 a newly built bridge across the Red River was a source of friction between Oklahoma governor Alfalfa Bill Murray and Texas governor...

Stories of the Ages: Abe Lemons' Legacy

Abe Lemons is a legend in the world of collegiate basketball. As OCU's most famous coach, Abe's influence reached beyond the court to effect the lives of thousands. Stories of the Ages profiles Abe Lemons' epic career and his sharp whit which made him an Oklahoma legend.

Stories of the Ages: Geronimo

Geronimo - The name alone evokes an iconic, Western American image of the defiant Apache warrior – but often the man is alrger than the myth and Geronimo is no exception.

Robert Jones - One Man One Vote

Robert Jones saw something he’d never thought possible. The 103-year-old — a grandson of slaves — saw a black man elected president.

Stories of the Ages: Santa Man

Santa Clause collector and Oklahoma City icon, Tom Brittain bequethed his Santa collectables to UCO in 1995, years later many still remember...


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