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DeMarco Murray’s moves freeze Tulsa

BY JAKE TROTTER, Staff Writer, Published: September 20, 2009
Oklahoma’s 45-0 victory over Tulsa was filled with big-time highlights. But the best of all came after running back DeMarco Murray caught a swing pass a few yards from the end zone.

Murray bounced off the first Tulsa tackler with a powerful spin move. But his momentum kept him spinning a second time against the air as he neared the goal line.

When he finally gathered himself, Murray somersaulted over a second Tulsa defender into the end zone, landing on his back.

When asked if he meant to do all that, Murray joked back, "I mean to do all my moves.”

Murray finished the game with 60 yards rushing and 38 receiving, including his video-game-like 13-yard touchdown catch.