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My Two Cents: Nagin's re-election unfathomable

By Kelly Ogle Published: May 23, 2006
The voters of chocolate city have given their mayor the golden ticket.

Ray Nagin, the New Orleans mayor who had no real evacuation plan during Hurricane Katrina, then made racist comments about the ethnic makeup of his city, has been re-elected.


Despite publicly losing his composure repeatedly during the Katrina disaster, the people left in New Orleans think he's the one to lead the rebuilding.

Despite his racist comments on Martin Luther King day that God intended New Orleans to be a majority African-American city, a "chocolate city," the voters have decided Nagin is the one who can heal the deeply divided Big Easy.

They apparently ignored some businesses that said they'd leave if Nagin was re-elected.

Nagin's response, after the vote, was to the effect that businesses are predators.

The voters in New Orleans know this mayor better than I do, but what they don't understand is how rest of the country sees him.

He's perceived as a laughingstock.

For businesses and half of the city's residents considering whether to return to New Orleans, there are enough question marks without worrying about what some loose cannon mayor might pull. has disabled the comments for this article.