My Two Cents: Your Views

By Kelly Ogle Published: September 16, 2005
A California judge has sided with atheist Michael Newdow who believes the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because it contains the words "under God."

I believe it's a patriotic symbol, not a religious statement.

Now YOUR 2 cents on that. Connie from Norman first:
"Mr. Newdow is trying to find a way to force his beliefs on everyone else."

Mike from Oklahoma City says:
"You were correct in saying that our country was founded by religious men: however they were inteligent enough to call for a separation of church & state in the constitution."

Actually, they never used the words separation of church in state in the constitution.

Ann from Del City had these thoughts on the first amendment:
"I've always believed that this amendment was meant to protect the church from the state, not the state from the church."

And David wrote:
"The original intent was that the government would not create a "state church" which the people would be forced to join."

From Chandler Kyle writes:
"I think if you would like to say it, say it, if not keep your mouth shut."

But Michael from Norman says it's not that simple:
"I have faced ridicule and discrimination for not reciting the pledge. How voluntary is that?"

And finally Billy from Yukon;
"The constitution does allow freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion."

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