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Mystery donor in Oklahoma slips gold coin in charity kettle

Oklahoman Published: December 19, 2012

TULSA (AP) — For the 15th time in the past 16 years in Tulsa, a mystery donor has dropped a South African Krugerrand in a Salvation Army kettle.

The gold coin, valued at more than $1,700, was wrapped in a $2 bill and slipped into a red kettle in front of a south Tulsa shopping mall last Saturday.

The identity of the secret donor has been one of the most enduring holiday mysteries in this city, and Salvation Army officials say they've never made an attempt to find out who the anonymous benefactor is — reasoning that if they wanted to be known, they would come forward.

Similar anonymous donations of valuable coins have been found this holiday season in Salvation Army kettles in Iowa, North Carolina, Illinois and Indiana, among other states.