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Naive Democratic loyalist holds scary views

Published: October 15, 2012

Regarding “Delegate anticipates lifetime in politics” (News, Oct. 6): How disappointing to see the childish and dangerous views so proudly expressed by young Anna Langthorn. Langthorn says: “I want economic and social equality,” and, “It doesn't scare me to have big government.” Couple this with her later statement: “While I don't rule out ever wanting to hold elected office, I certainly want to have some role in policymaking, perhaps as a lobbyist.”

This naive young Democratic loyalist holds some scary views. She apparently intends to make us all economically equal through policy changes and may seek elective office or become one of those much-loved lobbyists to do it. So one way or another, I suppose she and her not-to-be-feared big government intend to confiscate earnings and wealth from some citizens and give that money to some other “less equal” citizens. How very generous of her.

I could forgive someone so young her silly utopian views if we didn't already have such ample daily evidence of what a disaster such policies are. Perhaps the young lady will soon be mugged by the taxing reality of the crushing debt President Barack Obama expects her generation to pay back. I suppose blissful ignorance of the dangers of big government is comforting until the day you find out you are its target.

Mack Ames, Oklahoma City


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