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NASCAR outlines 2013 rules and regulations

Associated Press Published: October 6, 2012

Busch had to make a late stop for gas after dominating Sunday's race at Dover, and Hamlin also had to make a fuel stop. But the Dodge of winner Brad Keselowski and the Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson both got better mileage and neither had to make late stops for gas.

Hamlin didn't think Busch's message was on point, but could empathize with Busch's frustration.

"When you vent and you are frustrated, it hurts the team more than you realize and I think that when the team gets frustrated, it's hard to get that chemistry back," Hamlin said. "We all know our weaknesses. The problems that are going on with fuel mileage and this that and the other, those are things that we're all working on. It's not like one statement will make someone work harder at their job at that particular time — it's not."


UNHAPPY HARVICK: Kevin Harvick has a long way to go to get back in the championship race, but he doesn't seem to think that's a possibility this season.

Harvick goes into Sunday's race at Talladega trailing leader Brad Keselowski by 46 points in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship standings. A driver can only earn 48 points in one race.

So what's wrong with Richard Childress Racing?

"I don't have time to tell you," Harvick said.

His No. 29 team has had some upheaval this season, which opened with Shane Wilson as crew chief. But in August RCR brought back Gil Martin, who was replaced by Wilson at the start of the year, and there's only two top-10 finishes to show for the change.

So Harvick hopes RCR soon fills the hole created when competition director Scott Miller moved to Michael Waltrip Racing late last year.

"I think that definitely would be the key piece to start at," Harvick said. "A lot of it comes with that piece falling into place and structure. When you don't have that guy in there, it just didn't pan out the way that we all thought it would pan out and mesh together. It just kind of became a little bit more disruptive than I think everybody had anticipated.

"Richard and those guys are working hard on putting back structure and pieces in places and trying to get everything where it needs to be. It's a big machine."