Nation doesn't need a new entitlement

Published: February 10, 2013

The idea of foisting government health care on everyone is the worst law I've seen so far. Health care is expensive, but adding the government to the mix will make it much more expensive and limit access to treatment for months on end, as in Canada's system. To suddenly make birth control a cost that insurers have to pay is outrageous. Until now, people have paid for their own birth control and have gained many upgrades as a result of free enterprise. What do you think will happen to any potential research when it's now a mandate?

I'm not speaking just for religious groups who oppose this travesty, but for all of us. What's next? Abortions need to be covered, too? We'll need to import immigrants to fill the loss of population. But they won't be begging to get into a socialist country, since it's likely that's the kind of country they're leaving behind. The Affordable Health Care Act is far from affordable as it is. The nation is drowning in debt and we need a new entitlement that will cost billions more?

Nancy Park, Del City

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