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NBA Finals: Bob McAdoo and Kevin Durant are almost carbon copies in playing style

Heat assistant coach McAdoo won three scoring championships at a young age, just like Thunder superstar Durant
by John Helsley Published: June 15, 2012

“It's about the complementary players, too. He's got great players around him, a great supporting cast and that just makes it better for him.”

Injuries hampered McAdoo for several seasons, before he found rejuvenation with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Joining a team with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and James Worthy in 1981, McAdoo served as a valuable sixth man on teams that won two NBA titles, in 1982 and 1985.

“I was lucky I was able to get to a team that had other stars on it,” McAdoo said. “I see people criticizing LeBron for what he did, but you can't win in this league if you don't have other stars, other great players on your team.

“I was fortunate to do that when I got on the team with Kareem, Magic, Worthy, players like that. We were able to get some championships in my time in L.A. And that was very satisfying, it made my career complete.

“I won three scoring championships. MVP. I needed a championship, in my mind, to validate my career.”

Back to modern day, McAdoo said he enjoys watching Durant and holds him in the highest regard.

“He's just unbelievable,” McAdoo said of Durant. “He's definitely one or two in the world, as far as being the best player. Him and LeBron (James) are definitely the best players in the world. When you've got a 6-10 guy like that who can stretch the floor and handle the ball, he can defend, he can pass. He's just got everything in his game.

“He's Hall of Fame material right now. He's already won three scoring championships at this young age. He's got his team on his back in the championship series. They're going to be the team to beat, not only in the West but in the league for years to come, because they've got a young team and he's the catalyst behind it.”