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NBA Finals Q&A: Dwyane Wade — 'We're not satisfied in the moment that we're in'

Miami guard Dwyane Wade talks about how his relationship with LeBron James has evolved.
by Berry Tramel Published: June 18, 2012

Your coach, Erik Spoelstra, likes to call LeBron “One Through Five.” Is it a good nickname? Is it appropriate? Your thoughts?

“Yeah, there's only a few players that can guard one through five (point guards through centers).  I used to see kind of KG (Kevin Garnett) doing it back in the day where he used to pick up the point guard, full court, and obviously he used to guard the fiveman, et cetera. Hasn't been many guys over the course of NBA history that's been able to guard one through five, and been comfortable doing it. He's obviously special in that sense, and I think it's an accurate nickname for him.”