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NBA offseason moves: What are the odds?

John Rohde Published: July 6, 2012

With trades and free agency swirling throughout the NBA, oddsmaker RJ Bell of has been adjusting betting odds for the 2012-13 season accordingly. Deals do not become final until July 11, when the league moratorium ends, but here is a look at some of the adjustments made in the past few days:

Big recent odds changes:
* The Los Angeles Lakers were 12 to 1, but are now 8 to 1 after obtaining Steve Nash in a trade with Phoenix.

* The Phoenix Suns were 60 to 1 with Nash, but are now 100 to 1, despite the pending signatures of Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley.

* The New Jersey Nets were 100 to 1, but are now 40 to 1 after retaining Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace and luring Joe Johnson and Reggie Evans.

* The Miami Heat were 3 to 1 (and tied with the Thunder), but are now the lone favorites at 2 to 1. Presumably, this is due to knee surgery and rest for Dwyane Wade, plus rest and recovery for Chris Bosh, both of whom will not play in the Summer Olympics in London, and also because of the potential signing of Boston free agent Ray Allen.

Consensus opinion from Las Vegas:

* Jason Kidd’s impact in Vegas in going to the New York Knicks: close to ZERO

* Jeremy Lin’s impact if he stays in New York or goes to Houston: close to ZERO

* If the Boston Celtics lose Allen to the Heat, their title odds would worsen only modestly, from 20-1 to an estimated 22-1.

* If the Nets acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard (while keeping Williams and Johnson), their title odds would move from 40-1 down to an estimated 12-1, making them the sixth favorite trailing only the Heat, Thunder, Bulls, Lakers, and Spurs.

* If the Lakers swapped Andrew Bynum for Howard straight-up, their title odds improvement would be quite modest from 8-1 to an estimated 7-1.

Current 2012/13 NBA Title Odds

Miami Heat 2 to 1
Thunder 3 to 1
Chicago Bulls 7 to 1
Los Angeles Lakers 8 to 1
San Antonio Spurs 10 to 1
Dallas Mavericks 15 to 1
Boston Celtics 20 to 1
Indiana Pacers 20 to 1
Los Angeles Clippers 25 to 1
Memphis Grizzlies 30 to 1
New York Knicks 30 to 1
Denver Nuggets 40 to 1
Orlando Magic 40 to 1
New Jersey Nets 40 to 1
Atlanta Hawks 60 to 1
Philadelphia 76ers 60 to 1
Houston Rockets 80 to 1
Milwaukee Bucks 100 to 1
Minnesota T-Wolves 100 to 1
Phoenix Suns 100 to 1
Portland Blazers 100 to 1
Utah Jazz 100 to 1
Washington Wizards 100 to 1
Cleveland Cavaliers 120 to 1
New Orleans Hornets 120 to 1
Sacramento Kings 120 to 1
Toronto Raptors 120 to 1
Detroit Pistons 130 to 1
Golden State Warriors 130 to 1
Charlotte Bobcats 150 to 1

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