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Published: February 11, 2008
High five
Rank, Team, Record

•1. Boston, 39-9

Playing well despite Kevin Garnett's absence.

•2. Detroit, 36-13

Seven-game winning streak has them chasing a No. 1 seed.

•3. Phoenix, 35-15

It's safe to say they're the league's best team with Shaq.

•4. New Orleans, 34-15

Now's a good time to start believing that they're for real.

•5. Dallas, 34-15

Trades by the Lakers, Spurs and Suns have made it tough on the Mavs.

Low five
•26. New York, 15-36

Ben Wallace/Jermaine O'Neal trade rumors? Say it ain't so.

•27. Seattle, 13-37

Kevin Durant might have hit the rookie wall.

•28. Memphis, 13-37

Six-game losing streak tells it all.

•29. Minnesota, 10-38

Al Jefferson is wasting away in the Twin Cities.

•30. Miami, 9-40

It's weird seeing Shawn Marion in a Heat uniform.