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Published: January 14, 2008
High five
Rank, Team ,Record

•1. Boston Celtics, 30-5

Showing some vulnerability lately.

•2. Detroit Pistons, 28-9

Youngsters are really helping off the bench.

•3. Dallas Mavericks, 26-11

Just 9-8 on the road despite a seven-game winning streak.

•4. Phoenix Suns, 26-11

How will they respond without Grant Hill for two weeks?

•5. San Antonio Spurs ,24-11

Only thing that stands out is 18-3 home record.

Low five
•26. Memphis Grizzlies, 10-26

Clippers are challenging for this spot.

•27. New York Knicks, 9-26

Looks like Isiah might be getting the boot soon.

•28. Seattle SuperSonics, 9-27

Uh oh. Kevin Durant has already had two freak injuries.

•29. Minnesota Timberwolves, 5-31

Can't help but feel for T-Wolves' faithful.

•30. Miami Heat, 8-28

They've lost 10 straight, including one to the Wolves.