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NBC's '1600 Penn' addresses family matters, not politics

Sneak preview will air Monday
BY JOHN CROOK Published: December 15, 2012

As the story opens, Dale is still in the early months of his administration, so he's a little disengaged from family matters — until a revenge-of-the-nerds prank on Skip's part forces him to leave college (he's now in his seventh year) and return home to the nest, which has become a media fishbowl.

“He has the heart of a teddy bear and some of the social skills of an oaf, but when you mix them together, you get this sweet and lovable teddy oaf,” Gad says.

In a very real sense, “family” has been an important word with this show from the get-go, since Winer first met Gad when the actor was auditioning to play Cameron on “Modern Family.” He ultimately removed himself from contention to accept a role in “The Book of Mormon,” for which Gad received a Tony Award nomination, but he and Winer stayed in touch and kept talking about finding a mutual project.