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Need to comply with police officer's request

Oklahoman Published: July 2, 2014

In response to Paul Holliday (Your Views, June 25): It amazes me that when law enforcement officers try to do their duty and the person they’re questioning decides he doesn’t want to comply and then gets hurt, it’s always the officers’ fault. If Luis Rodriguez would have complied with the officers’ request to show some identification, nothing would have happened. The whole event started with the man’s wife assaulting her daughter. Had she been in control of herself, nothing would have happened.

People need to comply with an officer’s request. Too many times the officers are put in a position where they have to control a person. I’d love to see many people who complain of “police brutality” try to control even a small person who doesn’t want to be held down, much less a very large and noncompliant man.

If more people would comply, there would more than likely be much less “police brutality.”

Ron Hayes, Oklahoma City