New 'Jungle Book' film and story's racist past Published: April 28, 2014

Of all the films Disney has dug out of its classics collection closet for the live-action reboot treatment, "The Jungle Book" is by far the most likely to cause the studio worries and strife — as Baloo the Bear might chime, Yahoo Movies reports.

Both Rudyard Kipling's original book, which was written from a British colonialist perspective, and Disney's own animated adaptation have long been slammed for having racist overtones. If the studio hopes to overcome these perceptions and offer up a 21st century-friendly rendition this go-round, it'll take a whole lot more work than just punching up the old material with snazzy costumes and new-age visual effects.

"One of the main reasons that 'The Jungle Book' needs to be rebooted is to fix the things that became controversial not long after it was released in 1967," Robert Thompson, pop culture expert and media professor at Syracuse University, tells Yahoo Movies.

H/T: Yahoo
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