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News Summary: Obama tasks China, Romney specifies

Associated Press Published: September 17, 2012

NEW ACTION: President Barack Obama announced an effort aimed at stopping China's subsidies of its auto industry. The U.S. Trade Representative asked the World Trade Organization to intervene with China over illegal subsidies of exports in their autos and auto parts sectors. The U.S. says the practice puts American parts manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage and encourages outsourcing to China.

SHAKE UP: Republican challenger Mitt Romney shifted his campaign strategy by attempting to offer more specifics on how he would govern, including an ad that outlines his plan for job creation. His campaign has also been running ads accusing Obama of ignoring unfair trade practices by China.

RUST BELT JOBS: The issue hits home among working class voters. Jobs in the U.S. auto parts sector dropped by roughly half between 2001 and 2010, while U.S. imports of auto parts from China increased seven-fold, according to the administration.