Kelsey Smith Briggs

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Raye Dawn Porter: Kelsey's mom.

Michael Lee Porter: Kelsey's stepfather - charged with first-degree muder.

Lance Briggs: Kelsey's father - coming home from overseas military service at the time of her death.

Kathie Briggs: Kelsey's grandma - calling for reforms.

Craig Key: Kelsey's judge - gave Kelsey back to her mother.


The final months of Kelsey Smith-Briggs' life
Jan. 9, 2005:
Kelsey suffers a broken collarbone and bruises while in the care of her mom, Raye Dawn Smith.

Jan. 24:
Kelsey is moved to her paternal grandmother, Kathie Briggs.

Kelsey is still in Briggs' care but visits her mom regularly. She breaks both shins.

April 18:
Raye Dawn Smith marries Michael Lee Porter.

May 3:
Kelsey is placed in state Department of Human Services custody because of the broken legs. She is moved to her maternal grandmother, Gayla Smith.

June 15:
Lincoln County - Associate District Judge Craig Key rules that who abused Kelsey is unknown. The judge returns Kelsey to her mother.

Aug. 19:
Kelsey is hurt in a car accident.

Oct. 11:
Kelsey dies, allegedly after her stepfather, Michael Porter, strikes her in the stomach at their home near Meeker.

Since Oct. 11
Separate memorial services were held the same day, with sheriff’s deputies at one to keep the peace. Her new stepfather, Michael Lee Porter, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He is free on $250,000 bail. The judge and attorneys are set to meet Jan. 27. Her mother, Raye Dawn Porter, remains under investigation. She hired an attorney.
Mike and Raye Dawn Porter are divorcing.

Kelsey’s father, Lance Briggs, filed notice with the state, seeking $15 million for her death and an overhaul of the Department of Human Services.

Lance Briggs and his wife, Ashley, are divorcing.

Rallies are held outside the Lincoln County Courthouse and at the Capitol. Some call for the judge in Kelsey’s case to resign.

State Rep. Kris Steele begins work on reform legislation to be called the Kelsey Briggs Law.

Kelsey’s outspoken grandmother, Kathie Briggs, calls for changes.

A Web site is created. Briggs writes on the home page that she realized Kelsey’s purpose in being after Kelsey “joined the other little angels in Heaven.” Briggs writes: “She was put here to make a difference - to make sure other children are protected.”

Kelsey's Purpose Web site