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NHL: We're still waiting for new union proposal

Associated Press Modified: October 3, 2012 at 6:33 pm •  Published: October 3, 2012

"The players have made multiple proposals that are favorable to the owners. The owners have not made a single proposal which would give the players anything meaningful. In fact, for much of September the owners did not even want to meet unless it was on their terms."

When the sides got together on Tuesday, for the fourth time in five days, they again focused their talks on secondary issues and not the core economics that have the NHL and the union at odds.

With little to actually discuss, the meeting broke up relatively quickly and left both groups frustrated.

Daly said the league has already lost $100 million in revenues from lost preseason games. The sides are fighting about how to divide up over $3 billion in hockey-related revenues. Players received 57 percent of that pot in the previous collective bargaining agreement, and the NHL wants that number to drop under 50 percent in the new deal.

Players have offered to take a smaller cut as long as there is more revenue sharing between the richer and poorer franchises.

When Daly left the latest negotiating session, he said it "was not overly encouraging."

"We are closer by definition (to canceling regular season games)," he added. "We are focused on minimizing the damage."

Players' Association Executive Director Donald Fehr contends that the union has made proposals that move closer to the NHL's position, and that the league has moved further away from the players.

Steve Fehr disputed Daly's assessment that progress wasn't made on Tuesday.

"Talks can resume anytime they're ready," he said.