No consequences for wrongdoing

Published: March 2, 2013

Regarding “Ruling allowing counties to be sued in jail abuse cases causes concern” (News,Feb. 26): J. Spencer Bryan, who represents the plaintiffs in a suit for jail abuse in Cherokee County, admonishes counties to “train your employees.” Larry Derryberry, counsel to the Association of County Commissioners, got it right when he said counties train their personnel and “They do know right from wrong.” The issue isn't one of training; it's that there are no consequences for not doing what's right. So some people do whatever they want.

The way to eliminate people who speed in excess of 100 miles per hour or to cut the number of uninsured drivers is to provide them training and then the sun will come out, angels in heaven will rejoice and everybody will obey speed laws and buy insurance!

Counties need to let their employees know that if the counties lose a lawsuit filed against the county for misbehavior on the part of an employee, they will prosecute the former (fired) employee in criminal court and sue in civil court to recover costs to defend the suit and some of the taxpayer's money. If there were consequences for not having insurance, such as having your car towed, paying for the towing, the storage fees and a huge fine, people would buy insurance. They don't buy it because they know they can get away with it.

Similarly, county, city and state employees flout the law because they get away with it.

David Browne, Oklahoma City

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