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No Supershelter from the storm

By Sally Allen Published: August 31, 2005
shade. No food. No water. No help in sight. Their destination was the Superdome.

The Superdome regularly serves up beer, soft drinks and snacks to 70,000 screaming football fans. Fat chance finding food, drinks or even a working toilet in the supershelter Tuesday. Thousands were screaming, but for all the wrong reasons.

Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre said his mother and grandmother spent a terrifying night trapped in the attic of their Mississippi house. Favre doesn't plan to return home until after Thursday night's exhibition game. Thou shalt not let personal tragedy preempt the preseason.

On Tuesday, shock turned to disbelief ... turned to sadness ... turned to anger. Questions haunted each new image coming from New Orleans.

What if there was a catastrophe and nobody came?

Where were the relief workers reportedly prepositioned outside the disaster area ready to immediately move in after the storm had passed?

Why weren't troops patrolling the lawless streets?

Why were various governmental agencies holding press conferences to congratulate themselves on a job not yet done?

Where were the celebrities planning global fund-raisers for the cause?

Meanwhile, New Orleans lay helplessly immersed in a watery insurgency. Levees failed. People died. A pair was popped for pilfering Pampers. has disabled the comments for this article.