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NOAA administrator makes first visit to National Weather Center

NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco visited NOAA Weather Partners sites in Norman, said she was impressed by the interaction between research and actual radars and other tools for weather and climate.
BY JAMES S. TYREE Published: October 26, 2010

Lubchenco said she is a marine biologist by training, so seeing the research facilities in Norman and learning how their findings go directly into technology that meteorologists use for weather forecasting and warning interested her.

So did the interactions between NOAA agencies, private business and OU faculty and students, she said.

"It was fun to meet a lot of the students," Lubchenco said. "There are so many people here for them to learn from, but they also push the system; they ask questions, and they have ideas. It's good for everybody because you have a combination of experience and youth."

Lubchenco taught at Harvard University for two years and at Oregon State University for 32 years until 2009, when she became NOAA administrator. Her areas of scientific expertise are in oceans, climate change and the environment.

NOAA is the federal administration that oversees scientific agencies in weather, climate, fisheries, oceans and the coasts.