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Norman High tries to win Katy Perry concert, honors student with 'Roar' video

Norman High School students hope to win a visit from pop singer Katy Perry with their video based on her song “Roar,” and also want to honor a fellow student.
by Jane Glenn Cannon Published: October 6, 2013

The school that wins the contest gets a visit from Perry, who will perform a concert just for the student body.

Norman High School students hope Perry will take a personal interest in Pyle, their star performer, who is filmed whizzing down the school hallway surrounded by hundreds of cheering students.

He's also seen smiling from his wheelchair in the tuba section of the band as it spells out “Roar” on the football field.

Pyle wants “more than anything” to drive. But to do so, he must have a customized van, estimated to cost about $50,000.

“I love cars, always have. I want to drive like any other teenager. It's absolutely a freedom everyone deserves,” Pyle said.

Fellow senior Hannah Connery said students hope Perry will help sponsor a fund drive for Pyle so he can get his van.

“It's become more about that. Win or lose (the contest), we're still going to work toward getting him a van,” Connery said.

The contest winner will be announced Oct. 18 on ABC's “Good Morning America.”

The winning school will receive a visit from Perry on her birthday, which is Oct. 25. The visit will be broadcast live on “Good Morning America.”

To fund the two-minute video produced by students, T-shirts were sold. Students were told if they bought a T-shirt they could be in the video.

“We sold out the first day. I had to reorder, and those sold out within 24 hours. We sold 560 T-shirts in a week,” Brockman said.

Regardless of how the contest comes out, student Reed Shafer-Ray said Pyle has inspired the school to become “a more tight-knit and supportive community.”

Pyle said the contest got him “out of my bubble. It's hard for me to break out and talk to other students. Or was, it's not anymore.”

To view the video, search #normanroar on Twitter.