Norman Living Guide: Know your school board members

Norman Living Guide: Know your school board members
FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: September 25, 2013

The Norman School Board holds regular meetings at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month

at the Norman City Council Chambers, 201 W Gray.

A schedule of school board

meetings can be found at


Joseph Siano

Address: 131 S Flood Ave., Norman, OK 73069

Phone: 366-5955


School board members

Don Shandy, president, Office 4, northwest area

Address: 3704 Calais Court, Norman, OK 73072

Phone: 360-7521


Linda Sexton, vice president, Office 5, southeast area

Address: 702 Morningside Drive, Norman, OK 73071

Phone: 360-1067


Julie Raadschelders, member, Office 1, southwest area

Address: 713 Andrea St., Norman, OK 73072

Phone: 517-9735


Dan Snell, member, Office 2, central area

Address: 504 Miller Ave., Norman, OK 73069

Phone: 325-6002 (a.m.); 364-6740 (p.m.)


Cindy Nashert, member, Office 3, northeast area

Address: 525 Yarmouth Rd., Norman, OK 73071

Phone: 307-0052


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