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Norman teens open and operate summer business

Two entrepreneur teens own, operate and have trademarked their own shaved ice stand.
BY HILLARY MCLAIN Published: July 4, 2013

— Rather than find a part-time job for the summer, one Norman teenager decided to test out her entrepreneurial skills by opening her own business — with the help of her boyfriend and family.

Carolyn Estes, 17, and Jonathan Dilley first opened their snowball stand in May 2012 in Norman. Since opening, they have been able to trademark their name, Ice Ice Baby Sno Ball, and run fundraisers for local high school groups.

Initially, Estes said she needed to raise money for volleyball, which she still plays, and a part-time job wouldn't fit into her schedule.

Ice Ice Baby operates every Saturday at the Norman Farmers Market, and some Wednesdays. Estes said she plans to move the mobile stand to the parking lot of the former Northside Grocery and Market as a more permanent location.

After the move, the stand will be open every day of the week, providing their 47 hand-mixed flavors until summer ends.

There is a distinction between snow balls and snow cones, she said. Snow cones use crushed ice, while Ice Ice Baby's products are made with smoother shaved ice.

Friends and family step in when Estes or Dilley aren't able to work, but for the most part the pair maintains the stand.

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