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Obama: America 'evolving' on gay marriage

Associated Press Published: June 16, 2012

President Obama announced a relaxation of illegal immigration enforcement policies yesterday and spoke at an LGBT Pride event, but he nonetheless left the supporters of gay marriage wondering if he cares more about Latinos than the LGBT voters in this election year.

"Americans may be still evolving when it comes to marriage equality -- (laughter and applause) but as I've indicated personally, Michelle and I have made up our minds on this issue," Obama said yesterday at the White House. "So we still have a long way to go, but we will get there" -- "there," obviously, being the legalization of gay marriage that Obama half-heartedly supported in May.

Obama also told them that he "would never counsel patience," as he compared the push for gay marriage to the civil rights movement. "After decades of inaction and indifference, you have every reason and right to push, loudly and forcefully, for equality," Obama said at the Pride event.

But the day's events nonetheless left some in Obama's LGBT constituency wondering if he is choosing -- in an election year, at least -- to push "loudly and forcefully" policies that might endear him to Latino base while refusing to go to bat for the (much smaller) LGBT constituency.

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