Obama camp's 'out-of-context' defense of Biden is weak excuse

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: August 21, 2012

Context is a seven-letter word deriving from Latin. In the case of the Obama administration, the word can be parsed into one part “con” and the other part “text.”

The con part comes in explaining away remarks such as Obama's “you didn't build that” or Vice President Joe Biden's “back in chains” rant. Both comments were made to score political points with targeted audiences. When the remarks backfired, however, the administration resorted to a con job, claiming the words were taken out of context.

Obama's history is one of lifting up government and tearing down individual initiative and enterprise. “You didn't build that” swims effortlessly in its own contextual soup. It's Obama's core political philosophy.

Biden? He shovels more slop than an Iowa pig farmer and regularly gets in trouble. Yet he hasn't paid a steep political price for it — so far. Whereas Obama continually stoops to class warfare, Biden is the administration's chief race-baiter. These divisive rhetorical strategies can't be explained away with an out-of-context defense strategy.

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