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Obama didn't follow through on creating transparency in government

Published: October 7, 2012

In 2008, Barack Obama talked about “opening up and creating more transparency in government.” He said government spending plans would be posted on the Internet for days before they were passed into law. But Obamacare was passed so quickly that even members of Congress, much less the general public, didn't have time to read it. Is this the transparency he promised?

Cabinet members nominated by a president are vetted, but Obama has made other appointments — czars — by executive order. These czars weren't vetted. They have vast, unchecked powers, maybe more powers than Cabinet members. We now have unknown and unaccountable rulers placed over us. Transparency?

In his oath of office, Obama swore that he would faithfully execute the laws of the land, but in office he simply waived the enforcement of laws he didn't agree with — for example, failing to get Congress to pass some version of immigration amnesty. Obama issued an executive order exempting certain classes of illegal immigrants from the immigration laws. Transparency?

If Congress doesn't do what Obama wants, he casually does what he wants by himself through executive order. If any president can unilaterally change the law, he can permanently change the very nature of American government. Remember when Obama told Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that, after he is re-elected, he would have the “flexibility” to make a deal with Russia on missile defense systems?

Is our freedom safe with this kind of transparency?

Lee V. Rose, Cushing


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