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Obama thinks illegal immigrants 'deserve' citizenship

Published: February 6, 2013

Regarding “‘Now is the time,' Obama says of immigration reform” (Associated Press, Jan. 30): We're asked to jump on board another of President Obama's slogans. The idea that some 11 million immigrants here illegally are somehow “deserving” of citizenship is the latest grand plan. Just because they've avoided deportation for years is their entry key to America. They're to be exempt and excused from the laws of this country as to how you become a citizen. Putting this issue behind us should be the focus, says the president. This is absolutely true!

We need to enforce the laws we have, strengthen our borders and stop giving away this country to those unwilling to get here the right way. “Now is the time” for what's right to triumph instead of the vote-grabbing political efforts to sign up all those new voters they've just legalized illegally!

Cathy Foshee, Purcell