Obamacare pays for contraception but not heart tests

Published: September 19, 2012

Regarding “Hobby Lobby seeks to block contraception coverage rules” (News, Sept. 13): David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, is to be commended for taking a stand on the Obamacare requirement of covering contraceptives. Green's stance is based on his religious convictions, but what about plain old common sense? Sandra Fluke is concerned about unmarried college females having access to birth control. What? Is it an access problem or is the issue really about having premarital sex on someone else's dime? Someone has to pay for it! The same thing can be said about insuring for Viagra. Why should insurance pay for this?

I'm 57 years old. My father had a heart attack and triple bypass at 48. My grandfather died of a heart attack at 59. Yet my insurance company refused to pay for a noninvasive nuclear stress test because I'm active and have had no symptoms. I'd like to join Fluke in protest. I want beer to be covered by Obamacare! In moderation, studies have shown that beer can be good for your health.

Craig Blankenship, Edmond

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