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Obama's attempt to fix things prove destructive

Published: September 2, 2012

Norma Aloe (Your Views, Aug. 29) notes that President Obama signed a bill that made equal pay for women the law, yet nearly 1 million more women are out of work now than men. Aloe said Obama saved the auto industry. What he did was cost the taxpayers $50 billion in guaranteed loans while putting General Motors and Chrysler through bankruptcy, which they could have — and should have — gone through on their own. The majority of this money will never be repaid and Aloe thinks that's a win.

Obama reformed the credit card law and student loans so that student loans can no longer be resolved in a bankruptcy at the request of the banking industry. Aloe said Obama went after Wall Street bankers, but most market watchers agree that the biggest cause of the housing bubble that caused the most recent meltdown was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, neither of which was mentioned in Dodd-Frank.

Finally, ending a war and winning a war are two different things; Aloe doesn't seem to understand that. We won World War I and World War II and while we won the Iraq War, we may very well lose the peace, just as we did after World War I in Germany. Obama did all of this and added $5.3 trillion to the deficit. Aloe and I have two very different ideas about a successful administration. After all, what good is fixing the front door if you destroy the house that it's a part of?

Douglas Thompson, Oklahoma City


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