Obama's jobs platitudes can be difficult to stomach

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: September 18, 2011

PRESIDENT Barack Obama seasoned his Sept. 8 “Jobs Now!” address to Congress with more than a soupcon of class warfare rhetoric. Such arguments pepper virtually everything this president says.

When he's not making salty straw man arguments (as he did again last week, with remarks on union bargaining rights), Obama is a master chef who cleaves the nation into haves and have-nots, reducing the portions of the former to fill a platter for the latter.

Into the stew pot of the haves, the administration puts Americans with access to broadband Internet connections. That's most of us. The have-nots include Americans relying on slower dial-up connections.

Washington is paying $2,571 per resident of three Oklahoma hamlets for broadband connections. These citizens (fewer than 600 altogether) won't get the money themselves. It goes to large telecom firms. But please don't call that corporate welfare. Surely you know that only Republican fat cats cook up that kind of sauce.

If you have a connection, slow or fast, use a search engine to look up satellite Internet services. The links you'll find are spiced with references to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the sweet-and-sour pork otherwise known as Obama's 2009 stimulus plan, which was the main course for the dessert selections outlined in Obama's “More Jobs Now!” address.

One satellite Internet vendor says Americans who are saddled with dial-up Internet service are in “the newest disadvantaged group recognized by the federal government.” Oh how we long for the halcyon days when “disadvantaged” related to one's poverty or hunger — not overlong waits for downloads.

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