Obama's premise: On insurance, government knows better than you do

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: November 4, 2013

ROLLOUT of Obamacare has highlighted the cognitive dissonance of its backers. They view health insurance as a “right,” yet they simultaneously insist that people don't have the right to choose their own insurance.

In an Oct. 26 address, President Barack Obama said he didn't promote his health care law “just to build a website,” but to “cement the principle that in this country, the security of health care is not a privilege for a fortunate few, but a right for every one of us to enjoy.” (Emphasis added.)

The idea that people have a “right” to a consumer product is, by itself, a dubious proposition. Obama is essentially equating ownership of a health insurance policy with your right to criticize the government without fear. Constitutionally, those are two very different things.

At the same time, the administration insists U.S. citizens can't be trusted to properly exercise this supposed right on their own behalf. Thus, Obamacare mandates much higher levels of coverage, forcing cancellation of millions of existing health insurance policies nationwide.

On Oct. 28, White House spokesman Jay Carney acknowledged that many people were losing their insurance due to the law, but he defended robbing those citizens of the affordable health insurance the president proclaims is every citizen's “right.”

“This is qualitatively better insurance coverage than what was available in many cases to Americans around the country,” Carney said. “In many areas where the insurance market was so lightly regulated you often didn't know what you were getting. So you could sign an insurance policy, get that plan, pay a lot of up-front money, premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and then find out that because of the fine print, it does not cover the actual condition that you have.”

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