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Of Montreal coming to ACM@UCO

Experimental rocker Kevin Barnes is digging into of Montreal's history on film and record.
BY GENE TRIPLETT Published: December 5, 2012
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Of Montreal singer-guitarist Kevin Barnes. PHOTO PROVIDED

Barnes is planning to revisit some past music cinematically as well, having just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to finish a feature-length documentary about the band.

“Yeah, it's come together in a sort of awkward way,” he said. “Initially we were thinking that we would document this one concert or two concerts that we're doin' in L.A., and we had this cool stage that we had built ourselves, and had this catwalk and steps that would light when I stepped on them. We just thought it was a cool production and we wanted to document it, so we hired a crew to do that.

“I don't know why, we just never released it. We documented one of our other shows from the ‘Skeletal Lamping' era and then never released that, and then kind of realized we had all this awesome footage, so we could put it all together and then if we could get some archival stuff together and actually tell the story of the band, it's sort of the way it's evolved.

“It reached this point where we had invested so much money documenting these shows and doing interviews and all this stuff and pre-tour preparations and interviewing all the people that are involved in the of Montreal family and all that, and sort of realized like, whoa, there's no more money, there's no more budget to do anything.

“But it's nowhere near done, so basically if we wanna release it we're gonna have to do something like the Kickstarter concept just to get it finished, 'cause at this point we're so deep in the hole we'll never make our money back, but at the same time we've invested so much energy into it, it's crazy to not release it.”

Titled “Song Dynasties” and directed by filmmaker Jason Miller, the film will incorporate some of the earliest hand-held camcorder footage of the band (“when we were driving around in the van and sleeping on people's floors”) with more recent filmed concerts and behind-the-scenes segments.

Rewards for contributing to the film include an exclusive album, a deluxe hand-numbered DVD, props from classic of Montreal videos, the opportunity to be dressed in costume and dance with the band onstage, and the chance to watch a screening of “Song Dynasties” with the band.

Meanwhile, the band has begun a new leg of its 2012 tour, which will bring them to the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma Performance Lab in Bricktown on Thursday, where fans will be treated to some of Montreal music they've never heard before.

But don't expect to see Barnes entering the venue on horseback or playing in the nude, a couple of antics he's been known to pull in the past.

“Not horseback, but we do have a totally new production for this tour and it should be really interesting and I'm excited just 'cause we're doin' all these new songs. So it feels like it's not like ‘Groundhog Day' or something. We're definitely trying new things. There'll probably be a couple new songs and some ‘Daughter of Cloud,' songs that we've never performed live before. So yeah, it's gonna be a mixture of that and, of course, the classics.”

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