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OK Go releases cool new game app, "Say the Same Thing"

George Lang Modified: May 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm •  Published: May 9, 2013

Since the early 00′s, Chicago’s OK Go has explored ingenious, cost-efficient ways of promoting its music, including its highly choreographed but dirt-cheap videos for “A Million Ways” and “Here It Goes Again,” and its Rube Goldberg contraption video for “This Too Shall Pass.” Now, the band is launching a mobile-app game, one that looks like it could take off faster than an indie-rock band on runaway treadmills.

OK Go guitarist and keyboardist Andy Ross designed “Say the Same Thing,” in which two players say different words, and then try to say the word that links those two words. For instance, if one person says “car” and another says “cheeseburger,” then they try to say “drive through” at the same time. OK Go’s mobile app allows people to play this game on their Apple or Android devices.

“The game is similar to an old improv game that I used to play in person with friends from high school and college,” Ross said in a press statement. “We started playing it as a band because it’s the kind of thing people in vans and buses do, and it’s great to play with people you know really well.”

As expected, the band’s chief strategists, Damian Kulash and Timothy Nordwind, star in a video explaining both the low-tech version of the game the band plays when they’re together, along with the mobile, high-tech version.

One of the most unusual aspects of “Say the Same Thing” is that the band is not trying to leverage the game as a promotion for OK Go’s music. While the group recently released a new single, “I’m Not Through,” the app is a stand-alone project.

“We figured: if it’s so much fun for us, others will like it, too,” Ross said. “So it’s not a ‘fan app’ or a promotional thing; there’s nothing about the band’s music or videos or shows involved. The only connection is that it’s a way of creating a fun experience for people. In that way, writing a game is a lot like writing a song.”

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