OKC Beautiful's Gardening Tip of the Month: Lilies, an overlooked perennial well worth a look

Lilies are perennial bulbs which deserve a special place in the garden.
Oklahoman Published: February 8, 2014

It’s still winter and often too cold to get out in the garden. However, it’s a great time to start planning your 2014 flowerbeds. Every year, I look to my stash of Loretta Aaron’s newspaper columns from years past to decide on at least one new plant to try. This year, it’s lilies. Here are Loretta’s words of wisdom about them:

Lilies are among the most overlooked plants for the perennial border. However, lilies are perennial bulbs which deserve a special place in the garden. There are several varieties that do well in Oklahoma City.

• Trumpets: The Trumpet types grow quite tall and should be used in the background. Good varieties include “Golden Splendor,” “Pink Perfection” and “Black Dragon.” Because their blooms are quite heavy, they may require staking. These perform well in full sun. Just one plant in bloom will make a stunning display.

Asiatic Hybrids: The Asiatic hybrids grow only 24 to 30 inches tall and have a wide color range. “Enchantment” is an orange shade, is one of the easiest to grow, and it multiplies rapidly. “Dreamland” is a good yellow one. Any in this group is a good investment because they are so foolproof. Just give them a spot in the sun or partial shade and good drainage.

Easter Lilies: Most of the lilies to be offered as gift plants around Easter will adapt well in the garden after bloom has faded. Just remove them from the pot and sink them into the soil where you want them to bloom next spring. “Croft” is a good choice. These perform best with morning sun only.

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