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OKC Central Chat transcript, Oct. 11, 2013

The Oklahoman's Steve Lackmeyer took questions from readers in today's OKC Central Live Chat. You can join Steve's Q&A's on Fridays at 10 a.m. and submit your questions about the happenings in and around downtown Oklahoma City.
by Steve Lackmeyer Modified: October 11, 2013 at 2:23 pm •  Published: October 11, 2013

The Oklahoman's Steve Lackmeyer took questions from readers in today's OKC Central Live Chat. You can join Steve's Q&A's on Fridays at 10 a.m. and submit your questions about the happenings in and around downtown Oklahoma City. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat.

Steve Lackmeyer 9:59 a.m. Hello everybody.
Gary T 9:59 a.m. Good morning Steve and happy Friday! Who are you rooting for in the Red River Rivalry this weekend?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:00 a.m. I never root for Texans.
Gary T 10:00 a.m. Can you give us some estimated starting and completion dates for the major downtown and surrounding area developments? Fassler Hall, Metropolitan, 4th street apartments between Oklahoma and Walnut and Steelyeard are the ones I can think of right now.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:04 a.m. Fassler Hall, I think it starts within the next few months, likely to be completed by early 2015. The Metropolitan, starts later this year, completion mid- to late-2015. Phase 2 of the Maywood Apartments, set to start later this year, completion likely mid-2015. The Steel Yard is set to start next spring, completion I suspect would be in late 2015.
Jennifer 10:04 a.m. Steve, what is the next exciting thing happening in OKC that most of us haven't heard yet?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:13 a.m. I think the most exciting thing happening is the realization that the decades long scars that divided downtown are disappearing. These aren't just physical scars left by Urban Renewal, but also a fundamental disunity that is finally starting to crumble due to the increased influence of Generation Y, or what some people call the Millennials. They are not waiting to be given permission to take charge of our city's future as was the custom in years past. They are seeking out opportunities to change how our downtown is structured in terms of events, coordination, promotion, infrastructure and planning.
This means that districts that were once pitted against each other are now being pushed into alliances by the young professionals who can make or break them. Instead of seeing monthly festivals as competing draws, the Millennials are setting them up on a rotating basis so one leads to another, and they're now dreaming of how a future streetcar system might even allow for one massive staging of all the different events at once.
The Millennials also are heavy hitters in the better block movement, the effort to redesign the downtown boulevard, and planning for some of the MAPS 3 projects. It's true that they are often aligned and joined by Generation X (my generation), but without the Millennials, a lot of this could not be possible. Quite frankly, too many of my generation left Oklahoma during the oil bust of the late 1980s. So we owe a lot to the Millennials.
Gary T 10:14 a.m. When will we start to see movement on the NE corner of 4th and Walnut renovation?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:16 a.m. The property you are referring to consists of two nondescript warehouses and one decent vintage brick building bought this past year by Bob Meinders. He is using the warehouses for storage, and has indicated he may redevelop the brick building, but has not announced any plans yet.
Gary T 10:16 a.m. What's the latest on the Bricktown parking garage situation?3
Steve Lackmeyer 10:19 a.m. Don Karchmer is continuing to try to design a garage for Main Street just east of the BNSF railway viaduct that would provide much needed parking for the Central Business District and would include an extension of the Underground pedestrian tunnel under E.K. Gaylord to the garage. I am told the latest effort involves attempting a design that would allow for an easement for a rail spur through the structure if such access is needed at a later time. The project has been complicated by the protests of rail advocates who argued the original garage design would have hurt future passenger rail expansion.
Gary T 10:19 a.m. Any word of the GE campus location or at least when we will know?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:19 a.m. I am not worried.
Gary T 10:19 a.m. What will the process be on building the Union Commons (I swear that is going to stick) aka the Central Park? What comes first, last or is it all just one big project?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:20 a.m. But what if Mayor Mick Cornett wants to call it Oklahoma City Park to match his naming of the downtown boulevard as Oklahoma City Boulevard?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:21 a.m. As for the rest of your question, Gary, I'm a bit confused. If you're asking about development around the park, yes, the park would likely come first.
Gary T 10:21 a.m. Have you heard any rumblings of renovations or new businesses going in between the Metropolitan and AA? I would think the infill would happen pretty quickly once construction of the Metropolitan apartments start.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:22 a.m. Expect some pretty rapid and impressive development between I-235 and Midtown and along Automobile Alley once the Metropolitan is built and the Central High reopens as the new home of the OCU Law School. What I'm tracking now is mind boggling.
Guest 10:22 a.m. Is there any truth to the rumors of Continental Energy building a tower downtown?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:22 a.m. There are rumors?
Gary T 10:22 a.m. What would your best guess be for the usage of Union station? Do you think it will ever be a stop on a rail line in the near future?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:24 a.m. Usage depends on how the city settles its use of federal funding 20 years ago to buy and restore the station for what was originally envisioned as an inter-modal transit hub. I am told if the city repays that money, it can do what it pleases with the station. If the money is not repaid, well, then the city is restricted to transit related uses. I do not see it becoming a rail stop.
Gary T 10:25 a.m. It seems like a lot of good concerts are coming to the Chameleon Room and the Diamond Ballroom in OKC. What is to stop them from coming to the Farmer's Market? Is it location? Promotion?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:27 a.m. DCF is a powerful music promoter, a majority of whose interests actually are located in Tulsa (and which leads some to argue OKC gets the short shrift on live music). The live music business is not an easy one, it's competitive, and you can't get into it halfway. As for Farmers Market, it's not location. Promotion could be better. But would it be better off with DCF or a Howard Pollack running it?
Guest 10:27 a.m. Has the GE location been decided?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:28 a.m. Not yet. But I'm not worried.
Guest 10:28 a.m. How successful will this Bricktown leadership reorganization be with Downtown OKC Inc taking over?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:29 a.m. A couple of years ago I'm not sure it would have worked. But Downtown Oklahoma City Inc. has successfully restructured itself and created a vibrant, young, hard-working staff that is getting high praise from throughout downtown. A lot of people are hoping that the restructuring will be a plus for Bricktown.
Guest 10:29 a.m. Should we be worried about the Brewers contesting the sale of the Santa Fe Depot?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:29 a.m. No, I don't think so.
BethanySooner 10:29 a.m. Good morning Steve. What results do you feel we will see as a result of the new leadership in Bricktown?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:30 a.m. More promotion, better coordination, better crisis management, better communication.
KB 10:30 a.m. It looks like OKC is constructing a cycling path on the south side of the river under the Fort Smith junction. Any idea on whether it will connect to the boathouse area and how for east it will go? Is there coordination with Del City if it goes past Bryant?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:30 a.m. I'm not familiar enough with this project to really answer your question.
Gary T 10:31 a.m. What affect if any will OrthoCare moving out of PHRP have on that area?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:33 a.m. They had a handful of well-paid, well-educated scientists who were clearly involved in the community. Hopefully they can be snatched up by Sabolitch prosthetics, which was and continues to be a big deal not just in Oklahoma CIty but nationwide. Otherwise, I'm just not sure OrthoCare ever got to where it had a big impact on our city,
Gary T 10:33 a.m. Have you seen the renderings of the new exit ramp at 10th and Harrison? Do you think it will help traffic, just be prettier or both?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:33 a.m. I'm not sure....
Gary T 10:33 a.m. Do you know if anything is going to be built on the SW/C of 10th and Hudson any time soon? I know the Fassler Hall is being built north of that and there has been rumblings that the Midtownr people are going to build housing on the NE/C in the future.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:34 a.m. I think we'll get a better understanding of what's set for this property in the next few months.
KB 10:34 a.m. And speaking of that area, is the area of Reno & SE Grand, where the old dairy is, in play for (re)development?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:34 a.m. I'm not aware of anything.
curious cat 10:35 a.m. Do your readers ever surprise you by asking questions of rumors you've never heard of, of future development happening, that you go investigate and find out it's true? As in your reader knew about it before you?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:35 a.m. Look at the question from KB. There are so many eyes and ears out there. No one person can know everything. So of course I learn from readers everyday.
BethanySooner 10:36 a.m. Do you know if there are any plans to rightsize Reno Ave as it goes through Bricktown? It is currently not very pedestrian friendly and presents somewhat of a barrier between upper and lower Bricktown. A tree lined median in the center lane would go a long way towards dressing that area up.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:36 a.m. I asked this question during a Twitter hashout discussion. I'll try to post the discussion at OKC Central later today.
John 10:36 a.m. Heard rumor that UBER is coming to Film Row. Any clue where?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:37 a.m. Yes, I've heard this too. No, I don't have any further details.
BethanySooner 10:37 a.m. A few weeks back, someone purchased the property on the SE corner of 4th and Walnut in Deep Deuce. Have you heard of any plans for that site?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:37 a.m. Not yet.
Terry 10:37 a.m. Good morning Steve, It appears Preftakes has put no money into the maintenance of the buildings he owns on Main Street, meaning he probably intends to demolish them all to build new. I hope not. Those buildings may look shabby now, but redeveloped, they would add to the city's streetscape and preserve it's history. If anything, I would hope Preftakes entertains the idea of preserving at least the outside walls of the Carpenter's Square building that face Main and Hudson. That would allow him to still build a new tower or whatever on the NE corner while still preserving the pedestrian scaled streetscape with its rich mosaic tile detailing that's ready-made for some interesting ground floor retail opportunities.
Terry 10:38 a.m. How much power does the Downtown Urban Design Committee have in preventing the demolition of older downtown buildings?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:40 a.m. When it came to SandRidge Commons a couple of years ago, the assigned city attorney to the committee was switched, advice changed, the mayor chose not to reappoint members who were hostile to demolition, and the demolition plans proceeded against an ordinance that discouraged demolition of historic buildings and discouraged turning corners into plazas.
OK Joe 10:41 a.m. I have heard that there are upcoming changes/improvements to NW 23rd St. in the Uptown area. Is that true and do you have any details on the timeline and/or specific changes? Who is leading this effort?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:42 a.m. Go back to my comment about the Millennials. They are getting very involved along NW 23 while top notch restauranteurs like Keith and Heather Paul and Chris Lower are opening one trendy eatery after another. Add in developments like The Rise, and you get a mix of people leading the charge. Credit also should go to Jennifer Seal, who has brought life back to the once dormant Uptown Association.
BethanySooner 10:43 a.m. Any rumblings about the future of the First National building?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:43 a.m. Tell me the outcome of the 2014 mayors race and I'll tell you the future for First National. You can't do that, so I can't either.
Guest 10:43 a.m. Has the government shutdown halted any building projects in downtown or Bricktown?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:43 a.m. No, not so far.
BethanySooner 10:43 a.m. Which way do you think Rick Dowell is leaning in regard to his tower at Robinson and Kerr - housing or office?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:44 a.m. He has long wanted to do it as office space (that is the easier of the two). But there are folks hoping to change his mind.
Terry 10:44 a.m. I was curious after reading "Sooner than later's" comment from last week's blog about wanting more bridges across I-235 connecting downtown and the Health Center. Right now there are underpasses at 23rd, 16th and 4th Streets with bridges at 16th, 13th, 10th and Harrison Avenue. That's seven connectors in roughly four miles along I-235. I'd say that's pretty adequate.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:44 a.m. It's better than the new I-40.
OK Joe 10:44 a.m. Recently took the PlanOKC online survey and was very impressed. You should share the link with readers if you haven't already. What, if any, concrete output can we expect from that particular group/project in the next 5 years?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:47 a.m. I don't know. We've seen a very talented Oklahoma City Planning Department gutted in the past couple of years. I've spoken to a few of the folks who left, and they were very discouraged by the dominance of engineering over planning in the city's approach to infrastructure and capital improvements. PlanOKC is a very ambitious effort - but will any of its authors be left to implement it if it becomes a reality? These are questions for city residents and council members to ponder.
Just a guy 10:47 a.m. Why are people upset about the new sports plex being built in Edmond?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:47 a.m. Who is upset?
OK Joe 10:47 a.m. Any updates on the old downtown library conversion project?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:47 a.m. It's well underway, and we can expect completion next year. I hear pre-leasing is set to start soon for the apartments.
BethanySooner 10:48 a.m. It would appear that there is a much better plan in place for implementing the next Project 180 segments. Is there anything that still concerns you about this new approach?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:48 a.m. Yes. The contractors. Will they really change their ways?
OK Joe 10:48 a.m. Are there any plans for downtown owner-occupied family housing developments? Seems like most everything is focused on singles or retirees? If they want to plan for more schools don't they need more families?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:48 a.m. Check out The Hill.
Terry 10:49 a.m. Since MAPS for Kids has there been any noticeable improvements to OKC's public schools besides the capital improvements? I'm talking specifically about such things as academics, safety, quality of teachers and administrators, % of graduates, % of graduates who go on to college, etc?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:49 a.m. That question is best asked to our city schools reporter.
BethanySooner 10:49 a.m. I passed by the location for the new House of Bedlam building and didn't see any activity. Has this project hit a snag?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:50 a.m. Nope. Site preparation and construction are two different things. Be patient. The next phase will start soon.
BethanySooner 10:50 a.m. If the new GE research facility is located in OKC, is it likely to be built in the area around the Health Sciences Center?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:51 a.m. Magic 8 Ball says "outlook good"
Terry 10:51 a.m. I've heard you mention problems at the Myriad Gardens regarding quality control issues relating to the Project 180 improvements. What kind of problems are there and what is being done to correct these problems?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:51 a.m. Soil, pumping systems, plantings, etc.
Richard 10:51 a.m. I hear so many complaints about central core OKC is terrible in terms of walkability. I have walked all over downtown and bricktown and have never had any problems so I am confused about what the fuss is all about. Am I walking wrong? Please explain for us simpletons.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:54 a.m. I think that what you are hearing is more of a continued campaign to improve walkability. This began several years ago, and I agree, it's actually improved quite a bit. But if you walk along NE 2 by the 2nd Street Lofts and you see the fenced utility grate, or you simply want to walk from Oklahoma Avenue in Bricktown up into Deep Deuce, you can see just a couple of examples of where we still have some pretty dismal walking areas.
Guest 10:54 a.m. No news about the ol coach's ballpark location ?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:54 a.m. Nope.
Terry 10:55 a.m. The picture you showed in last week's blog of the revised Century Center Plaza is an improvement to the existing building, but it's still so blocky and square. Can't they add something more visually stimulating to the building than just a big megatron TV screen?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:55 a.m. That rendering was actually from earlier this year.
Guest 10:55 a.m. Steve, it seems like we've had quite a bit of bad economic news in this area lately. Do you see it slowing down OKC's momentum and are you aware of any new developments in store to counteract the layoffs we are seeing across several metro companies?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:55 a.m. We will gain far more than we have lost.
Terry 10:55 a.m. Is there any news regarding the design of the new boulevard? I am curious and a bit concerned as to how much say the City Council and City Engineers will have compared to the State and Federal Engineers.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:56 a.m. I hear ya.
BethanySooner 10:56 a.m. Have you seen any renderings of what the new Convention Center might look like? I am still concerned that it won't have a high quality finish. To me, this is very important since it will be placed on such a prominent site.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:56 a.m. Not yet.
Terry 10:56 a.m. Ever since they built the Myriad Gardens, I've wondered how extensive the aquifer is beneath downtown. Do you know if it runs beneath the entire downtown and is it the same one they accessed for the Bricktown canal? I find it interesting that where the Bricktown canal ends at the Centennial statues the water level is 17 feet higher than the level of the Oklahoma River.
Steve Lackmeyer 10:58 a.m. Keep in mind that half of downtown sets on old river bed. The Oklahoma River once flowed as far north as Sheridan Avenue at Byers through the 1940s. That said, our city's engineers are well aware of all this and they design accordingly. The Bricktown Canal is lined with cement and is filled with city water, and has no connection to the aquifer.
Terry 10:58 a.m. I wonder if the Arts Festival will eventually move to the new Central Park or stay at the Myriad Gardens? Without the space normally available at Stage Center (if the SC is developed with a new tower) will Myriad Gardens be large enough to handle it all alone?
Steve Lackmeyer 10:59 a.m. I don't know.
BethanySooner 10:59 a.m. I heard a comment from the Maps 3 Committee Chairman that led me to believe the need for a convention center hotel is being evaluated. It was said that most of the new convention centers don't have an attached hotel at all. If no convention center hotel is built do you think this is a positive?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:00 a.m. People far smarter than myself will argue this question, but one thing is for certain - we will get to hear a discussion, and likely a debate, before it is settled.
Gary T 11:00 a.m. In regards to my park question, I was asking if the park itself was going to be done in phases or just one big project. Is the lake going to be built first and then everything else?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:00 a.m. It's going to be built in phases.
John 11:00 a.m. Why are people upset about the new sports plex in Edmond on I35? Should people be excited... Desmond Mason is.
Steve Lackmeyer 11:04 a.m. I saw that discussion on Twitter. One guy was challenging it. I'm not sure that translates into a big controversy. As for the complex - tell me if it's even financed or if they've bought the land, and then I'll find myself more interested in the discussion. I'm sure this will tie in great with that huge casino and hotel the Shawnee Tribe built at I-35 and Wilshire Boulevard... (forgive me the sarcasm).
shawnw 11:04 a.m. Meg Salyer spoke at the UN social last night and said final park designs were due soon (among other interesting things). Have you gotten a sneak peak of those designs? And if so was the area around SW 5th and Robinson cleared or occupied by a building or two?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:05 a.m. I've not seen the final designs. I see no reason why Hargreaves Associates would change their mind on wanting to see the Film Exchange buildings destroyed.
Gary T 11:05 a.m. All that development from the first question you answered, 2015 is going to be a fun year...
Terry 11:05 a.m. Have you heard anything about the Gold Dome? I was wondering if any plans had developed from TEEMCO as to how they plan to refurbish it. Also I've always wondered if the Classen Luxury Apartment tower just south of the dome was developed by the same company and at the same time as the dome. They both have gold metallic finishes and put together they make for quite the dramatic pairing; ie. one low and one high. Besides the tower is unique in that it is a clone of Frank Lloyd Wright's Price tower in Bartlesville (one of only 2 Wright high-rises ever built, the other being the Johnson Wax Building in Wisconsin).
Steve Lackmeyer 11:06 a.m. Nope, not yet. Both the tower and dome were built by Citizens Bank.
Guest 11:06 a.m. Are there any streetscape projects coming for Bricktown? Any medians added to Reno Ave with trees and flowers? Any benches? Sidewalk repairs? Slower traffic speeds?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:06 a.m. Downtown Oklahoma City Inc., are you taking notes?
Guest 11:06 a.m. Does Orthocare's move have anything at all to do with the new ownership of the Research Park?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:06 a.m. Nope.
Gary T 11:07 a.m. With all the housing going up in the DT/BT/DD/Midtown area, what area of OKC do you think will suffer due to people moving to these areas?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:08 a.m. We've been gaining 4,000 people a month in population growth. So I'm not sure it's a plus-minus situation. But one could speculate it could eventually slow apartment growth along Memorial Road.
Terry 11:08 a.m. You mentioned you were working on a story regarding the rail expansion of interurban lines to Edmond, Norman and Midwest City as well as Amtrak expansion and the whole intermodal hub. Any chance we'll get to see that soon?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:08 a.m. It's a lot of work. Trying to get it closer to reality. But it's a lot of work.
Guest 11:09 a.m. Can you post the renderings of the 10th St exit to your OKCCentral blog? Are they even publicly available yet?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:09 a.m. Maybe. Let's see.
John 11:09 a.m. Edmond is Central OK, answer my questions!
Steve Lackmeyer 11:09 a.m. Um.... ok
Guest 11:09 a.m. Now that the planning staff has been gutted, can anything be realistically done to help PlanOKC? If the authors are all gone, and we'd have to elect new leadership, but still can't break the stranglehold of the engineering duo of Couch and Wenger, than what can REALISTICALLY be done to change things?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:10 a.m. Well, they're not all gone. Yet. Wenger works for Couch. Couch works for the City Council and the Mayor. The council and mayor work for Oklahoma City residents. Do you have a phone? Email?
shawnw 11:10 a.m. During the 20 September chat (sorry, going back a ways), Chip mentioned he would like to have some bars in Film Row, but won't that be impacted by the school's location?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:10 a.m. Open one now... before the school opens?
Guest 11:11 a.m. What do you think is coming to Sky Bar in the JDM building now that the bar closed?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:11 a.m. Hopefully a nice restaurant.
Guest 11:11 a.m. Are you still tracking out of state companies looking at OKC? Is parking (!!!) really going to be the thing that causes us to lose out? When will developers step up and start building some spec Class A space?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:11 a.m. Yes. Parking is a challenge.
John 11:11 a.m. Any plans to redesign the onramp at I40 and Western? Maybe add a new right hand turn lane when going southbound and turning west on I40. It starts backing up about three pm and backs up sometimes to Reno.
Steve Lackmeyer 11:12 a.m. That sure would be nice...
Sid Burgess 11:12 a.m. It appears the background of the new Bricktown Director is in event management and planning. Have you had any conversations that would indicate that this appears to be the focus of Bricktown going forward? For example, more of an event focus over perhaps economic development or 'placemaking'. I recognize that they'd probably answer all the above if asked directly but I'm wondering if a lot of thought and purpose went into the background of the person selected. Thanks Steve in advance for your insight.
Steve Lackmeyer 11:14 a.m. Well, first, consider that there is no longer a Bricktown Association director, but rather a district manager. Downtown Oklahoma City Inc. has A.J. Kirkpatrick - a heavy hitter when it comes to planning, economic development and placemaking. It of course has Jane Jenkins, herself a superstar in these areas. Downtown OKC Inc. achieved its longtime goal of taking over operations in Bricktown - now lets see if they're ready to show what they've got.
Live for the Chat 11:14 a.m. What you said about the Millennials is true. I live in Venice neighborhood which is supposedly the first neighborhood of ranch style homes on non-grid streets built in OKC. Our neighborhood association has just been revived by these young people who are moving into our neighborhood and buying houses. They have great ideas and the energy to put them into effect! By the way, do you think downtown revitalization will eventually move out to neighborhoods in the urban core such as ours?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:15 a.m. Absolutely. We Gen Xers are cheering for you, and don't let the Baby Boomers drag you down!
Guest 11:15 a.m. Any word from Downtown OKC on the next location and date for expansion of Spokies?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:16 a.m. Regatta Park is my guess.
Sid Burgess 11:16 a.m. Are there any talks from anyone on the council to find a replacement for Couch in the near future?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:16 a.m. Nope.
Guest 11:16 a.m. The OKC Planning Department is a mess. They have blinders on and don't really care what the public wants or needs. Planokc will get completed and then sit nice and pretty on a shelf. Steve, you agree?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:16 a.m. Say hi to the guys in public works.
Dave 11:16 a.m. I think we need more outdoor music festivals. Any word on that?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:16 a.m. They're coming.
Kim 11:17 a.m. Steve, any updates on what types/names of retailers/restaurants that are coming to The Rise? Do you think it will be mostly local, regional or national businesses?
Steve Lackmeyer 11:17 a.m. I think we're looking at mostly local names.
Guest 11:17 a.m. If Downtown OKC, Inc. is listening, I'd also like to suggest they work to make housing/offices on the upper floors in Bricktown more of a reality in any way they can help. There is so much unrealized potential in Bricktown, but owners don't work toward much of anything past the first floor.
Steve Lackmeyer 11:17 a.m. I think they agree with you.
Steve Lackmeyer 11:18 a.m. OK folks, I've got a lot of writing to do today. Have a great weekend.
by Steve Lackmeyer
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