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OKC Thunder Bandwagon: Sights and sounds from Game 2

Another playoff game, another great atmosphere at The Peake. Here are some sights and sounds that made it great.
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 30, 2012


NBA super fan James Goldstein made his Oklahoma City playoff debut Monday night.

How many playoff games so far for you?

“Only two so far. Saturday, I had a tough time. I couldn't come to Oklahoma and get back to L.A. for the game there, so that's a weird thing that I didn't see a game.”

A rare day off for you during the playoffs?

“It's hard with the games in L.A. and the games in the Southwest. I'm going back to L.A. tomorrow. Then, I'm going to Memphis Wednesday, Dallas Thursday, Denver Friday.”

What do you think of the Thunder so far?

“I really love watching them because it's such an exciting team.”

Are you looking forward to a potential Thunder-Lakers matchup?

“I am because I'm an anti-Laker fan, and I'm confident the Thunder can beat them.”


Highlights from the live game chat on

8:59 p.m.: Comment from baxterc: Rick Carlisle calls timeout to complain about not getting calls.

9:02 p.m.: Comment from MartzMimic: Wow!

9:03 p.m.: Comment from Earl, NYC: I'm guessing they called a foul on Perk. Dirk definitely threw the first forearm.

9:03 p.m.: Comment from Jacob Unruh: Did Perk swing?

9:05 p.m.: Comment from TEN: Are we having fun yet?

11:29 p.m.: Comment from ThunderSonics: I can't take two of these in a row.

11:30 p.m.: Comment by Thunder Rolls: My oh my!