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OKC Thunder: Game 2 quoteboard

Here is a look at what players, coaches, analysts and others said during and after the Thunder's Game 2 matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers.
COMPILED BY RYAN SHARP Published: May 17, 2012

* Brooks: “I was having trouble telling (Durant) this, but he was looking to pass too much tonight.”

* Brooks: “I wish it was my magical words, but all I told them was ‘We're down 7. You don't have to play perfect basketball, but you have to play close (to perfect basketball).'”

* Brooks on Durant's final free throw: “He said he tried to miss it and he did. He did a great job of missing it. He didn't even hit the rim.”

* Lakers forward Metta World Peace: “We'll be all right. We had a lot of good things happen.”

* Lakers coach Mike Brown: “We didn't do a good job of executing offensively and defensively. They did what they were supposed to do. They protected their home court.”

* Brown: “I think there's a lot of basketball left in our team.”

* Brown: “Our guys fought. I gotta give them credit for fighting.”

* Brown: “(The mood) is not good. We feel like we let one slip away. “

* Brown on Kevin Durant's late-game heroics: “(Durant) is a great player. That's what you expect great players to do.”

* Brown: “We set a (play) for Kobe, and Kobe was wide open on the back side. Metta saw Steve, but we thought Kobe was open also.”

* Brown: “The reality of it is we play Friday. We have to go get two wins in L.A. It's as simple as that. We're grown men. We get paid good money. That's what we're supposed to do.”

*Bryant on the Lakers' last shot taken by Blake: “I don't know what Metta saw. Once I turned around I saw the ball in the air. At that point I just tried to get in good position and get a rebound.”