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OKC Thunder: How does a technical foul get rescinded?

Kendrick Perkins has been called for more technicals than anyone in the NBA this season, but he's also had more rescinded than anyone. How does that process work?
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 7, 2012

Kendrick Perkins has been called for more technical fouls than any player in the NBA this season.

But he has also had more techs rescinded than anyone in the league. The NBA has purged five technicals from the Thunder big man's record, leaving him with 11 technicals.

So, how is a technical rescinded?

It starts with the basketball operations division at NBA headquarters.

“They watch every single technical foul,” said Tim Frank, the NBA's senior vice president for basketball communications.

They scrutinize what they see. They seek feedback from the referee operations division, which provides detail about what was said and context about the incident. Then, they make a ruling about whether the technical was warranted.

Those that aren't are rescinded.

“It's not done a whole heck of a lot,” Frank said. “But about 10 percent of the Ts that are called in the games are rescinded.”

Contrary to popular belief, teams do not send game film to the league for review or submit request that a technical be overturned. That's because the NBA decided to start reviewing every technical back in 2006, the year that the league implemented suspensions for accumulated technical fouls.

During a normal 82-game season, 16 technicals land a player a one-game suspension.

During this lockout-shortened 66-game season, 13 is the limit.

Because being suspended for the game is a serious penalty, the NBA knew that it needed to take a serious look at each technical.

“We want to make sure guys are not be penalized any earlier than they would need to be,” Frank said.

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