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OKC Thunder: Kendrick Perkins and Dirk Nowitzki exchange 'pleasantries'

Teams' big men tangle early in the game, both assessed double technical fouls
BY JOHN ROHDE, Staff Writer, Published: May 1, 2012

OKC led the league in free throws at 26.4 attempts per game while the Mavs averaged 20.2. Dallas shot 25 free throws to OKC's 20 in Game 1. Nowitzki shot 10 free throws.

After his team's shootaround in preparation for Game 2 on Monday, Carlisle responded to the suggestion we was posturing for more favorable officiating.

“Look, if there's been a memo issued saying that if you elbow a guy in the throat it's legal, I would appreciate that memo being passed along,” Carlisle told The Dallas Morning News. “I sincerely mean this: If one of our guys elbows Durant or (Russell) Westbrook or Reggie Jackson or Cole Aldrich in the neck, that's a foul. It just happened to be a play that was missed.

“When I was asked about that, I was asked my opinion and I made two statements of fact. It was not about posturing or positioning. They were two statements of fact. You're talking about a guy that's been very difficult to officiate because of his unusual skill set and he gets played very physically and we've seen it for four years. That's a fact. That's not an attempt to lobby the league. That's a fact of life that we've had to deal with and Dirk does a great job with it.

“But, hey, it's physical. We don't expect it not to be. And we're going to have to be a little more physical tonight. That's a part of the game we feel we can pick up a little bit.”

Roughly 90 minutes before Monday's tip, Brooks tried to lighten the mood when once again asked to respond to Carlisle's latest remarks.

“He was a good roommate. He didn't snore,” said Brooks, who was roommates with Carlisle while playing for the CBA Albany Patroons. “That's all it takes, trust me. Buy me a (beer) every now and then and not snore and you're a perfect roommate. That's why I love my wife.

“I have nothing against him. He didn't want to share his $7 per diem back then in the CBA. Yeah, there's nothing (adversary between us). He's a good coach, good guy.”