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OKC Thunder Q&A: Derek Fisher on new teammates -- 'I've continued to learn this team is mentally tough'

NBA veteran Derek Fisher discusses the differences with playoff basketball and what he's learned about his new teammates.
BY JOHN ROHDE Published: May 2, 2012

"It's almost like practice. You know how you get mad at each other and beat up on each other more than you do the opponent you get tired of seeing? I don't see anything or feel anything more than what's in the playoffs (in terms of physical play). It's supposed to be physical, it's even supposed to be chippy at times. That's how you know everybody cares about what we're trying to do."

You learn a little bit more about your new teammates each day. What did you learn about them in Game 2?

"I've continued to learn this team is mentally tough and enjoys playing together and as a group. You can't practice guys wanting the other guy to be successful. This really is a team. Each opportunity we've had to maybe hang our heads down or get frustrated with each other these first two games (winning 99-98 and 102-99), this team has hung together. Everybody's made contributions and that's what it's going to continue to take in order for us to be successful going forward."