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OKC Thunder: Q&A with Nick Collison

Staff writer John Rohde chats with Oklahoma City's Nick Collison about the NBA playoffs.
By John Rohde Published: May 24, 2012

“Guys were more engaged, I think, and locked in. On every possession, if you've got five guys in tune with what's going on, we're really tough to score on. The key is to try and recreate that as much as possible and be more consistent with those stretches where we're really locked in that.”

How daunting was it to play the Lakers? They're huge and they have Kobe Bryant. How did you overcome such an imposing opponent?

“We play against them quite a bit, which helps. We (usually) play four times a year. We had a playoff series with them (in 2010). You kind of learn what can be effective and just try to do that. That's one of the things about being a pro is you play everybody so much that you no longer are in awe of anything. You know guys are good, you get beat sometimes, some players are more talented than you, things like that. You just think about what you can try to do to beat them. That's your job. That's what comes with experience and year and years of playing.”