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OKC Thunder: Q&A with Thunder forward Nick Collison

The man who takes the most charges for the Thunder said he has learned how to fall to avoid injury.
BY DARNELL MAYBERRY Published: May 16, 2012

What is the best way to take a charge?

“I think the biggest thing is anticipation and seeing the drive come. Most of the time when there's a charge, it's when an offensive player doesn't really see you or thinks he can get there before you can. So it's about getting to your spot quick. That's the biggest thing. If you can get there, then it's easy because you can hopefully take it in your chest.”

Has drawing charges changed your athleticism or what you're able to do in any way?

“I think with a little bit of a decrease in my athleticism, I'm looking for charges more than blocked shots. It doesn't necessarily change how I take them. I remember when I started really taking charges probably two or three years ago, it was when I was coming off an ankle sprain. I just didn't feel like I could jump very well, so I was trying to get in a position where I can take a charge because I knew I couldn't block shots That's what I'm looking for now with a little bit less athleticism than when I was 22, 23 years old.”

Box score: Thunder 77, Lakers 75